Chapters (Grand World War)

This contains a list of chapters in the entire Grand World War FanFiction Crossover Series, including story arcs.

Story Arcs

Introduction Arc (Chp1-3):


Chapter No. Chapter Title Description Airdate
01 Prologue April 18, 2018
02 Assembly of Champions!
03 Team Interviews
04 Room King: Part One
05 Room King: Part Two
06 First Attack
07 Training Exams: Part One
08 Training Exams: Part Two
09 House of Hades: Part One
10 House of Hades: Part Two
11 Beach Time
12 Boar Attack
13 Encounter
14 Scores to Settle
15 First Mission
16 Rumble in the Jungle: Part One
17 Rumble in the Jungle: Part Two
18 New Allies
19 Goblin Raid
20 Skirmish in Scotland
21 Cold Front
22 Immortal Encounter
23 My Answer
24 King of Monsters
25 Orc Invasion
26 The Great War: Part One
27 The Great War: Part Two
28 The Great War: Part Three
29 The Great War: Part Four
30 The Great War: Part Five
31 The Aftermath of War
32 Naruto and Sasuke: Part One
33 Naruto and Sasuke: Part Two
34 Rescue Operation!
35 The White Reaper
36 Hinata's Will
37 Dragon Attack
38 Power of Humanity!
39 A Beautiful Night
40 Hope and Despair: Part One
41 Hope and Despair: Part Two
42 Hope and Despair: Part Three
43 The Celestial God
44 Power of the Six Paths!
45 Until Next Time
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