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  • Airdate: Date the chapter is published
  • Chapter: Each chapter by number
  • Story Arc: Each extended storyline based on the series
  • Previous Chapter: Last chapter read
  • Next Chapter: Next chapter to read


Short to mid explanation of the chapter in italic format.


The summary/description about the chapter in "FanFiction" format based on the story of "Saint Seiya Omega: Ryūsei" by Superior-Creativity (someone I admire by his fanfiction work).

  • For honorifics, use "-san", "-sama", "-kun", "-chan", "-senpai", "-sensei", and any family honorifics, in japanese language.
  • For character designs/outfits, objects and location layouts, describe them based on your ideas and anime/real world things.
  • For techniques, use: "{attack name}!" with a dash and use "shouted" by the character, in a number of paragraphs based on each character using one.
  • For a character's thoughts and flashbacks, use "" in italic format.

Preview Skit

Based on the "Tales" Series, there will be short, optional, and often fully-voiced scenes that are animated in an anime cutout style, providing additional dialogue and interactions for different characters (mostly the main characters) at the end of the chapter. Bold for characters, then regular for speaking. Also, italic for character actions. At the end, one character will say "Next time: Chapter ? - ?" to finish it up.


FanFiction: Use the website link based on the fanfiction chapter.

Other Standard Formats

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