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Here you can add a summary/short info about the weapon. Then, insert a portrait of the weapon right after the last sentence of a weapon summary. Standard size is 250px (or 275px) thumbnail and the alignment is to the right. However, if the image turns far too large with this size, you can use 225px instead.

Profile and Stats

  • Name: The weapon's full name, as well as their common name/epithets.
  • Origin: The name of the fiction verse which the weapon is from.
  • Classification: Weapon type classification (e.g.: sword, spear, armor, etc.).
  • Wielder(s): People who use (or have used) the weapon. Optionally, add deceased (†) or former in parentheses for the previous wielder.
  • Class: The weapon's rank that is proof of their power (in bold; after a period (.), add another for weapons who have transformation stages/timelines in bold and put a period after that).
  • Powers and Abilities: A list of the weapon's core abilities.
  • Weaknesses: A weapon's general disadvantages.

Power Stats

  • Attack Potency: The weapon's attack power or destructive capacity (in bold; add any explanations using brackets, not in bold).
  • Speed: It is generally "Combat Speed" (in bold).
  • Durability: The amount of attack power the weapon can withstand before being overwhelmed (in bold).
  • Range: The distance the weapon's attacks/abilities can cover.


The plot of the weapon being used by various owners throughout time.


The weapon's physical appearance (including shape, form and design).


The weapon's main features and traits.


For weapon profiles, always insert the category "Weapons", as well as one with the name of the related franchise here.

Other Standard Formats

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